Art of Breathing

” Inhale the present; exhale the past “

Any yoga asana or posture is incomplete without the correct breath flow. It sounds so elementary but honestly, we as a culture and society do not give breathing the importance it deserves. And we sadly underestimate the power it has over our well being. Did you know that breathing is alone responsible for expelling 70% of human toxins? The other 30% is done by the liver and kidneys, but improprieties in breathing techniques can lead to an overload of toxins that these two organs must work harder to process. Just by learning how to do this one thing correctly, you can drastically reduce the load on the rest of your body.

There is a proper amount of food and water consumption and proper balance between nutrients that needs to be observed in our intake. We know this. Similarly, there is also a proper balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in our bodies, and these levels must be maintained for the ideal condition of the human machine. Proper breathing methods reduce your level of stress and increase focus. Improper breathing patterns on the other hand affect our sympathetic nervous system, which triggers the fight or flight response and affects our emotions leading to stress, anger and nervousness.

Yoga breathing techniques, which will be further explained in this site, are shown by clinical studies to help with a variety of things like blood pressure, proper oxygenation of blood supply to vital organs, mood regulation, weight loss, stamina and general life extension by avoiding constriction of airflow passages.

There are different techniques of breathing and they go hand in hand with the postures. As a general rule of thumb, contraction of the abdomen and chest area should be done along with an exhale. The contractions help expel the CO2 properly. Conversely, any expansion of the abdomen or opening up of the chest should be accompanied with an inhale to help oxygen get everywhere it needs to. Any twisting motions of the torso should also be accompanied with an exhale.

Breathing flows will be provided along with each asana.