How Yoga can shape your body

Have you noticed how these Yoga instructors and practitioners have their bodies so beautifully shaped isn’t it? Muscles are visible, skin glitters and their posture is always erect and confident. It is inspiring!

Yoga practitioners have these amazing bendy, lean and majestic bodies. But have you wondered how? Yoga transforms your body, you will see many changes happening in your body once you pick yoga as your daily part of routine. It’s a whole new experience and the results are worth it. As you start practicing frequently, your perception and understanding of what a “Great Yoga Body” means, will change. A Yoga body is based on health and strength first and then mental balance will happen as you follow the path. It’s a whole new process! Get your expectations right though, it will be a process and a journey, which will also improve your concentration and mood and will make you feel mentally and emotionally stronger. But you gotta hold that patience be dedicated to your practice. It may take several years or may be months, depending on your current physical condition and lifestyle, but once you get connected to your practice there is no way going back. You will emerge into a unique lifestyle and will be amazed on how Yoga can change your body. 

What does yoga do for the body

Your body is the only weight you will be lifting while doing yoga. It’s a natural way of doing it, the muscle build will be leaner, your body lines will become less bulky. With yoga you learn how to align your muscles properly in every pose and work efficiently with less possibilities of bodily injuries. While building muscles and tone strength, you will be providing right amount of stimulation to your joints with plenty of oxygen (through breathing) to release tensions.

Benefits that will help you transform your body through yoga

Yoga will improve your balance and mobility. You will see big improvements in your postures. Your lungs will function with full capacity. You mostly likely will be able to control weight without even going on some special diets. Yoga will improve your overall body flexibility. Yoga will help you with mental concentration. Yoga will improve your body image and self esteem.Yoga will help you build a strong immune system. You will enjoy a state of mind which is more peaceful and centered. Yoga will help you build trust in your own intuition.

How long until yoga changes your body

Regular Yoga practice will change your body within weeks. The effects are felt before they are seen. To know what to look for check out our article on what the first 30 days of Yoga should look like

Simple things in life can be challenging when mobility is lost. But yoga will make you aware of your sense of balance in a deeper way. Putting it all together, yoga will shape, tone and change your body. Yoga will give you a body you will love more. It will help you build a strong mental and physical balance which can define who you will become!

Trust your body! Trust the process! Experience the inner joy! 

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