Joint and back pain can really drain out your energy & slow us down both physically and emotionally in our everyday life. To feel comfortable in daily life when you’re living with chronic pain, requires becoming really good at balancing the two: stretching and strengthening. Stretching out your muscles when they are sore can feel amazing, but […]

Yoga is an excellent choice for sustainable weight loss. It uses your own body weight to develop every muscle of your body. The yoga asanas stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles at the same time leading to a leaner and more flexible body. As with any weight loss plan, your food intake is highly important. […]

This is a yoga flow designed to tone and test your abdominals. Some of the poses mentioned are stretch poses, others are hold poses and some are resting poses. The sequence is designed to work with the whole abdominal region and will shape your body and build your core strength at the same time! As […]

Firefly pose is an arm balance pose that requires more core strength than arm strength. The physical comparisons between firefly pose and the insect’s pose are pretty easy to see. The steps are the exact same, except in Firefly, the last step is to straighten the legs. How to  Squat with your feet a little less […]