Firefly pose is an arm balance pose that requires more core strength than arm strength. The physical comparisons between firefly pose and the insect’s pose are pretty easy to see. The steps are the exact same, except in Firefly, the last step is to straighten the legs. How to  Squat with your feet a little less […]

Yoga has thousands of variations in its poses. The variations make sure that you have developed every single muscle in your body and not just the main groups. All the advanced practitioners spend their time with variations after having mastered the main poses. It may not be necessary to learn them all to call yourself […]

This pose is an active version of the puppy dog pose in yoga. The puppy dog pose is considered a relaxing pose in between intense asana’s. This version however is far more demanding than the regular puppy pose. How To Start on all fours on the mat. Then, first lower your chest to the ground, […]

A simple seated hip opener that gently stretches the hamstrings, pelvic floor muscles, groins, and gluteus maximus muscles. Baby Cradle Pose also helps to release tensions at the lower back and hips due to long hours of desk work. How To Begin sitting with your legs in Easy Pose (Sukhasana or cross legged). Reach down, grab the outside […]

This pose will work out all of your leg muscles and abdominals for a strong and balanced core. Also , like any balance pose, it focuses the mind and increases clarity. How To Begin by coming into Awkward Chair Pose (Utkatasana). Take several breaths here with both feet grounded into the floor. Make sure your thighs […]