Sattvic recipes #2: Spring Salad

A beautiful sattvic salad which is light and simple yet very satisfying. A gentle texture of the fresh spring leaves, complemented by sweetness and crispiness of an apple and contrasted with the tenderness of the avocado. A recipe to kick start your day with morning freshness, quick and simple to make! SALAD 5 ounces spring mix (organic) 1 avocado 1 sweet apple 1/4 cup walnuts 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds DRESSING 3 tbsp. olive oil (extra virgin) … Continue reading Sattvic recipes #2: Spring Salad

Natural Detox program (Asanas, Juices, Diet, & Tips!)

DETOX is a popular buzz word these days. The environment most of us live in, and the foods that we are exposed to, all too often cause a buildup of toxins in the body. Fortunately, your body is well-equipped to eliminate toxins and doesn’t require special diets (just eat healthy), or expensive supplements to do so. However, you can enhance your body’s natural detoxification system with … Continue reading Natural Detox program (Asanas, Juices, Diet, & Tips!)

Basic Detox Tea

Ayurvedic detox teas can help in completely detoxifying your body. It can fully cleanse your body which helps a lot in keeping diseases away from you.Having this detox tea will ensure that your body does not have any synthetic chemicals to deal that usually cause an increase in impurities within your body, which would then render your detox project invalid.Your body’s metabolic rate will end … Continue reading Basic Detox Tea

Weight Loss Principles

We will introduce the principles behind weight loss in Yoga in this article. Various routines and diet tips will be posted as we continue our journey. There are many forms of yoga, some of them are targeted at achieving different goals. If weight loss is the goal, then there are a few ways that yoga can help. Yoga provides both isometric and isotonic exercises. A … Continue reading Weight Loss Principles