Have you noticed how these Yoga instructors and practitioners have their bodies so beautifully shaped isn’t it? Muscles are visible, skin glitters and their posture is always erect and confident. It is inspiring! Yoga practitioners have these amazing bendy, lean and majestic bodies. But have you wondered how? Yoga transforms your body, you will see […]

Corpse pose for Yoga Nidra

An average human being spends roughly a third of their life sleeping. Sleep is an important part of the rest and recovery needed to live a quality life. Everyone loves the days when you wake up completely refreshed. Your body feels great and you feel confident in tackling the day ahead. Yoga Nidra will help […]

What is Difference between PCOD vs PCOS ?Are PCOD and PCOS the same ? A lot of women get confused between the two, often using the two terms interchangeably, especially when trying to understand the relation between PCOS, PCOD. In reality, both the conditions are different, in spite of the similarities like being related to […]

Yoga functions well as a relaxation tool for the whole body and mind. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our daily routine can often be a blur — a blur we allow ourselves to accept as normal, not noticing how depleting this pace is, and that we need to make time for ourselves. […]

Chakras are a fundamental part of the human makeup and help regulate everything from mood to attitude and feelings. Yoga teaches us there are 7 main chakras in the body. This article will provide 2 asanas for each of them to regulate chakra flow. Why open or close chakras? First off, you cannot do any […]