Yoga Flow For Great Looking Abs

This yoga flow for abs is designed to work with the whole abdominal region and will give you great looking abs and build your core strength at the same time! Abs are used to being in use all the time. They work harder and typically recover faster than your other muscles. The best way to work them out is to completely wear them out without … Continue reading Yoga Flow For Great Looking Abs

How should my first 30 Days of Yoga look like?

So you have just decided to start Yoga. The first 30 days of Yoga are critical. You want to develop a taste for Yoga that should last a lifetime. Everyone has their own reasons for starting and everyone starts at different levels. The first month should be spent getting your foundation rock solid, so you are free to progress mentally and physically. Hopefully you have … Continue reading How should my first 30 Days of Yoga look like?

Corpse pose for Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra and Asanas (How to sleep better)

An average human being spends roughly a third of their life sleeping. Sleep is an important part of the rest and recovery needed to live a quality life. Everyone loves the days when you wake up completely refreshed. Your body feels great and you feel confident in tackling the day ahead. Yoga Nidra will help you feel like that every day. Yoga Nidra is completely … Continue reading Yoga Nidra and Asanas (How to sleep better)

Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose

Core Strengthening and its Importance in Yoga

A lot of people think of the “core” as being your abdominal muscles and not much more. In actuality, the core is a group of more than 30 muscles, all working together to stabilize and move the human body. Core strengthening is a must for all fitness routines and especially Yoga. The core works with every step you take, and provides the stable base needed … Continue reading Core Strengthening and its Importance in Yoga

Yoga for Poor Digestion

Poor digestion is usually one of the root causes of many ailments and imbalances. It’s not unusual for a poorly performing system to retain 10 – 20 pounds of old toxic and poisonous matter!! The principles of Yoga help in regulating this important bodily function effectively. There are 4 basic parts of digestion: Ingestion, Breakdown, Absorption and Elimination. If you follow the Yogic diet, then … Continue reading Yoga for Poor Digestion