What is a stretch? Simply put, a stretch consists of taking a muscle through its full range of extension. However its not quite that simple, there are at least 2 major types of stretching. One is dynamic (like rotating your torso to warm up the back) and the other is passive (like holding a split). […]

Chakras are a fundamental part of the human makeup and help regulate everything from mood to attitude and feelings. According to yogic philosophy, chakras refer to centralized locations where subtle energy channels, known as nadis, converge. Many yoga systems consider there to be seven main chakras in human body. They are said to run along the length of […]

A lot of the poses in Yoga are classed as weight bearing poses. To do these effectively and realize the full benefits of resting in these poses, you must have strong extremities. A lot of the advanced jump moves depend solely on strong fingers and wrists. This article will provide certain yoga poses to avoid […]

How to improve your balance in yoga? Work your core with these balance yoga poses. To begin with we always do 10 sets of suryanamaskar (right & left) as a part of our routine warm up exercise. This gets our body going through its full range of motion. This routine will concentrate on developing our […]

Suryanamaskar is a yoga routine with 12 poses all performed one after another in a sequence. It is a full body routine and targets all the large muscle groups, which makes it a great part of your weight loss routine. The heart opening postures along with the breathing flow help detoxify your blood, and oxygenate […]