Nadi In Human Body

Nadi’s is the network of channel or flow which allows energy to travel through body. There are three important nadis in the body which go through the spinal cord and the chakras; the energy centers of the body. Prana is life energy which helps all living things function. When prana withdraws from the body, the pranic field collapses, and we die. When we use prana … Continue reading Nadi In Human Body

Bhastrika Pranayama

Pranayama- Increase Oxygenation & Lung capacity

Yoga has been the go to science of maintaining a proper body and mind in India since ancient times. It is a complete system of enriching every part of the body whether it be the physical body, mental health or internal systems. There are various processes in Yoga that are dedicated to maintaining the proper function of the internal systems. Probably the most famous among … Continue reading Pranayama- Increase Oxygenation & Lung capacity

How and why to use Yoga blocks

Yoga isn’t just about performing poses. The mindfulness, freedom to explore your body and freedom to breathe deeply are all an integral part of Yoga. With that in mind, it can be easily seen why Yoga blocks are such a popular tool. Yoga blocks are a way to supplement your practice which can make poses easier to attain and help you feel less strain. They … Continue reading How and why to use Yoga blocks


Immune system and Yoga

The Yogic lifestyle results in firm, healthy bodies which are not prone to diseases. This much can be clearly seen in almost every practitioner. There are several reasons for this. The regular exercise works out your whole musculature. The breathing exercises keep your insides clean. Also, eating a sattvic diet will provide many nutrients that are essential for a healthy body. Certain things that are … Continue reading Immune system and Yoga

Body Weight V/S Weight Lifting

Bodyweight V/S Weight Lifting Training Program

One of the big questions that occurs to people starting on the road to physical fitness is whether to do weight lifting or bodyweight training. Obviously the easy answer is to do both. It is also the right answer. However there are some clear differences between the two and it is wise to know them before committing yourself. Yoga is mainly done as a bodyweight … Continue reading Bodyweight V/S Weight Lifting Training Program

Passive Stretch VS Active Stretch

Yoga functions well as a relaxation tool for the whole body and mind. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our daily routine can often be a blur — a blur we allow ourselves to accept as normal, not noticing how depleting this pace is, and that we need to make time for ourselves. When we talk about, and practice relaxation, we must be … Continue reading Passive Stretch VS Active Stretch