Bhastrika Pranayama

Pranayama- Increase Oxygenation & Lung capacity

Yoga has been the go to science of maintaining a proper body and mind in India since ancient times. It is a complete system of enriching every part of the body whether it be the physical body, mental health or internal systems. There are various processes in Yoga that are dedicated to maintaining the proper function of the internal systems. Probably the most famous among … Continue reading Pranayama- Increase Oxygenation & Lung capacity

The Art of Breathing

” Inhale the present; exhale the past “ Any yoga asana or posture is incomplete without correct breath flow. It sounds so elementary but honestly, we as a culture and society do not give breathing the importance it deserves. And we sadly underestimate the power it has over our well being. Did you know that breathing is alone responsible for expelling 70% of human toxins? … Continue reading The Art of Breathing