Sattvic recipes #2: Spring Salad

A beautiful sattvic salad which is light and simple yet very satisfying. A gentle texture of the fresh spring leaves, complemented by sweetness and crispiness of an apple and contrasted with the tenderness of the avocado. A recipe to kick start your day with morning freshness, quick and simple to make! SALAD 5 ounces spring mix (organic) 1 avocado 1 sweet apple 1/4 cup walnuts 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds DRESSING 3 tbsp. olive oil (extra virgin) … Continue reading Sattvic recipes #2: Spring Salad

Lemon Rice

Sattvic recipes #1: Lemon Rice

In our Sattivic recipe series we are going to provide a variety of recipes to show you that sattvic food can be wonderful and tasty, while providing all the benefits of following Ayurvedic principles. For this article we chose a staple known as Lemon rice. It is a pretty easy and quick preparation. Once you have cooked rice on hand, the cook time for making … Continue reading Sattvic recipes #1: Lemon Rice