Bhastrika Pranayama

Yoga has been the go to science of maintaining a proper body and mind in India since ancient times. It is a complete system of enriching every part of the body whether it be the physical body, mental health or internal systems. There are various processes in Yoga that are dedicated to maintaining the proper […]


The Yogic lifestyle results in firm, healthy bodies which are not prone to diseases. This much can be clearly seen in almost every practitioner. There are several reasons for this. The regular exercise works out your whole musculature. The breathing exercises keep your insides clean. Also, eating a sattvic diet will provide many nutrients that […]

What is Difference between PCOD vs PCOS? Are PCOD and PCOS the same? A lot of women get confused between the two often use terms interchangeably, trying to understand the relation between PCOS and PCOD. In reality, though conditions are different, in spite of their similarities being related to the ovaries and causing hormonal disturbances. […]