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Yoga for Remote Workers

Let’s face it, the working landscape has drastically changed and remote work is now here to stay. This ushers in a whole new set of ergonomic challenges for an ineffectively designed workspace. Chiropractors have reported a jump in the injuries associated with ergonomics since the stay at home guidance began. Commonly mentioned are aches and pain in the neck, shoulders, back and wrist areas. Other … Continue reading Yoga for Remote Workers

Passive Stretch VS Active Stretch

Yoga functions well as a relaxation tool for the whole body and mind. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our daily routine can often be a blur — a blur we allow ourselves to accept as normal, not noticing how depleting this pace is, and that we need to make time for ourselves. When we talk about, and practice relaxation, we must be … Continue reading Passive Stretch VS Active Stretch

Yoga For a Healthy Spine: Focused Yoga Series #1

The fact that Yoga is great for our body in general is a well-covered fact. In our Focused Yoga Series for healthy spine, we drill down deep to find exact body movements to correspond to specific body components. In this article, we will examine how you can use Yoga for a healthy spine. We will examine each area of the spine (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and … Continue reading Yoga For a Healthy Spine: Focused Yoga Series #1

Importance of toes in Yoga

Toe position is a critical component of any active movement of the human body. Ballet dancers, runners, and martial artists all stress toe positioning highly, Yoga is no different. Feet spread or pointed determines the entire stance of our body. Most of us may have trouble just trying to spread our toes. This usually occurs by wearing of narrow shoes or bad stretching habits. The … Continue reading Importance of toes in Yoga

Joint And Back Pain and How Yoga Can Help

Joint and back pain can really drain out your energy & slow us down both physically and emotionally in our everyday life. To feel comfortable in daily life when you’re living with chronic pain, requires becoming really good at balancing the two: stretching and strengthening. Stretching out your muscles when they are sore can feel amazing, but strengthening the supportive muscles around sore points can be what … Continue reading Joint And Back Pain and How Yoga Can Help

How to master the Front leg split in 30 days

Being able to do a front leg split can be an impressive skill to have. However, doing a successful front leg split will require a high level of flexibility in the legs and hips. Developing this flexibility can take a lot of practice, requiring you to work slowly and safely to achieve the full front leg split. By getting in regular stretching routines and training, … Continue reading How to master the Front leg split in 30 days