This is a yoga flow designed to tone and test your abdominals. Some of the poses mentioned are stretch poses, others are hold poses and some are resting poses. The sequence is designed to work with the whole abdominal region and will shape your body and build your core strength at the same time! As […]

A lot of people think of the “core” as being your abdominal muscles and not much more. In actuality, the core is a group of more than 30 muscles, all working together to stabilize and move the human body. The core works with every step you take, and provides the stable base needed to project […]

Poor digestion is usually one of the root causes of many ailments and imbalances. It’s not unusual for a poorly performing system to retain 10 – 20 pounds of old toxic and poisonous matter!! The principles of Yoga help in regulating this important bodily function effectively. There are 4 basic parts of digestion: Ingestion, Breakdown, […]

What is a stretch Simply put, a stretch consists of taking a muscle through its full range of extension. However its not quite that simple, there are at least 2 major types of stretching. One is dynamic (like rotating your torso to warm up the back) and the other is passive (like holding a split). […]