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Yoga for Remote Workers

Let’s face it, the working landscape has drastically changed and remote work is now here to stay. This ushers in a whole new set of ergonomic challenges for an ineffectively designed workspace. Chiropractors have reported a jump in the injuries associated with ergonomics since the stay at home guidance began. Commonly mentioned are aches and pain in the neck, shoulders, back and wrist areas. Other … Continue reading Yoga for Remote Workers

How and why to use Yoga blocks

Yoga isn’t just about performing poses. The mindfulness, freedom to explore your body and freedom to breathe deeply are all an integral part of Yoga. With that in mind, it can be easily seen why Yoga blocks are such a popular tool. Yoga blocks are a way to supplement your practice which can make poses easier to attain and help you feel less strain. They … Continue reading How and why to use Yoga blocks

Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga – An Introduction to Sound in Yoga

Simply put, nada yoga is the yoga of sound. In practicality, it covers a large amount of ground as an area of study in yoga, which deals with primarily vibrations and sound. In concept, it covers an even larger area of study. This article will introduce you to the different components of Nada Yoga, such as Ahat Naad and Anahat Naad, which we will study … Continue reading Nada Yoga – An Introduction to Sound in Yoga

Weight Loss Principles

We will introduce the principles behind weight loss in Yoga in this article. Various routines and diet tips will be posted as we continue our journey. There are many forms of yoga, some of them are targeted at achieving different goals. If weight loss is the goal, then there are a few ways that yoga can help. Yoga provides both isometric and isotonic exercises. A … Continue reading Weight Loss Principles